Thursday, April 19, 2012

What societal values are exemplified in Hammurabi's Code? How can you tell the society had those values?

There war a major presence of class difference in Babylonian society, and Hammurabi's Code includes it. Hammurabi's Code was created to set up equality for all citizens of the Babylonian society, regardless of class. The code separated Babylonian society into three different classes, creating laws that focused on people's actions within each class. It included a level of protection for each members of the different classes, which also incorporated slaves and women, who ended up outside of the law for many years afterwards. Penalties for committing a crime by the lower class against people of the upper class were a much worse punishment then an person from the upper class committing a crime against the lower class. Hammurabi's Code tries to fix many class differences by punishing different groups by what they can afford. In relation to the modern day tax system, Hammurabi's Code is the government trying to put the citizens on a level playing field. Although trying to accomplish social class equality, but still creates different social classes, it's a bit hard for Hammurabi's Code to fullfil it's goal. It tries, but it seems as thought Hammurabi's Code favors the upper class more than the other classes.

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